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Nikomi 2 years ago
This is another example of just how much Politics Pays I challenge anyone to find another profession that you can become a billionaire with 8 years on the job.…. I have absolutely no problem with him cashing in as I just know that he will donate the majority of that to charity, or maybe helping black children in depressed areas.hahahahahahaha!
Tygogis 2 years ago
Well yes, that is one of the things that can skew the ratio. If an adult has, say, twelve hours a week to give to socializing, a very extroverted person might spend six hours with a large group of friends, four hours at a big party, and two hours with one close friend.
Dajin 2 years ago
Kajitaxe 2 years ago
te invito a ver las fotos de mi verga

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