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Mitilar 2 years ago
I wish Cameron Canela was my 1st , 2nd or any there after!
Shaktigal 2 years ago
If you have to ask ... But if you have to ask on more than one issue you deserve every ounce of misery. If you would have waited until he was truly divorced, none of this chaos would exist. That's the ultimate truth. You wanted what you wanted and this is what it came with for multiple years. No sympathy.
Zulkizuru 2 years ago
I thought it was natural, considering the circumstances. Tyrion has a poor self-image, so he never thinks he's good enough fr any woman, he's grateful for anything he gets. He respects Sansa, the way she's taken to leadership. Did you catch that clapback from Missandei?
Modal 2 years ago
se quiser um comedor estou aqui

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